What happens at a theASCENT weekend?

Each weekend contains times of teaching, sharing, prayer, and fellowship. Young people spend time learning with their cohort, then reflecting and sharing with their PoD (small group), and finally joining with the other years groups for socialising and activities. 

What is PoD? Does my child need to attend every week?

Pockets of Disciples (PoDs) are small group of 5-6 young people who are accompanied by a male and female leader from our team. They meet for 1 hour each week - 7.30-8.30pm on Mondays unless otherwise stated - to pray together, share reflections, and journey through materials such as Youth Alpha and the Prayer Course, among other topics. These sessions are integral to the process, as they are where relationships are deeply invested in as well as where the majority of teaching occurs. Whilst we understand that unforeseen circumstances may come up from time to time, it is essential that young people are able to attend them as much as possible. A minimum of 75% attendance across the year is required in order to progress to the next year.


How is theASCENT different from parish activities or other courses?

theASCENT is the only discipleship process of its kind in the UK. It offers a unique combination of 1-1 mentoring, peer-to-peer accountability, and high quality teaching from team members with a broad range of experience, including backgrounds in a variety of Catholic ministries. theASCENT brings together young people from across the country who are ready to commit to more in their faith, who want to cultivate an intentional, personal prayer life, and . Over 3 years our young people form lasting friendships which support their faith, and experience immense personal and spiritual growth.


How can I support my son or daughter on the process?

We firmly believe that parents are the primary educators in the Faith, so theASCENT is set up not to take on responsibility for that education but to support the culture of discipleship you are building at home. Every weekend we offer a workshop specifically for parents designed to share with you a little of what your son/daughter has experienced and provide resources for continuing the discussion on the journey home and beyond.

We'd love our child to take part, but it would be a stretch. Are there bursaries available?

Yes! Though there is of course a cost attached to participating in theASCENT, we don't want finances to be an obstacle to any young person who wishes to join us. We commit to fundraising a contribution towards the cost for anyone who needs it. Please contact us at with a brief overview of your family circumstances and reasons for requesting a bursary. This conversation is completely confidential. and will be between yourself and our leadership team to discern how we can support your child.

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